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Technical Data

The Flexible Drive Coupling consists of two steel gear hubs engaging in a sleeve of high-grade plastic material. This material has superior strength and a wide operating temperature range. The gears have crowned-tooth form, which permit axial and angular misalignment. The couplings have undergone extensive testing under severe load conditions. They are easy to assemble and require no maintenance or lubrication and do not emit transmission noise.

Assembly Procedure

Maximum permissible angular misalignment is 1.5 degrees. Ensure that the coupling hubs easily fit on the shaft. Do not use undue force. Maintain gap between hubs as shown in sketch. Use grub screws to locate gear hubs on their respective shafts. For shock load applications use the following formula:

Rating/100   RPM of Coupling Hp of application X 100 X F
  RPM of application

Load FactorEI Motor
Load Factor (F)IC Engines
Uniform Hose
Medium shock
Heavy shock

  Salient Features

  • Applicable to all range of hydraulic equipment and in the Transmission market.
  • Maintenance free, no lubrication.
  • Gears in the crowned-tooth form permit axial and angular Misalignment.
  • Cost effective and easy to assemble.
  • Two drive hubs engaging in a sleeve.