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Filler Breather Assembly

FB 250-TT-40
FB 700 SM-40

Technical Data

This is a combination unit for filtering air displacement from the reservoir and for straining oil while filling. Mounting options include Tank Top and Side Mounting.

The displacement capacity is 250 LPM and 700 LPM and filtration is up to 40 microns. The air displacement from underneath the cap assembly improves performance. Power coated cap and nylon or nickel-chrome plated strainer body ensures corrosion resistance.

he unit comes completely assembled with internal safety chain and fasteners. The mounting surface should be free of burrs, flat and clean to provide a good sealing surface for the flange.

It is for use with Hydraulic/Lubrication oil reservoir applications, including machine tools, mobile equipment, industrial machinery, etc.

Breather-filters are a must for hydraulic systems ensuring clean air passing into the reservoir, thus prolonging the life of the system components. When used as a crankcase ventilator, it helps to prolong the life of the engine oil and the oil filter. They are designed for use in machine tool construction, mining, marine and agricultural applications.

Specially designed slots provide for an extremely large amount of airflow through the cap - ten times the amount of air flow as comparable with units now available (upto 700 liters per minute displacement).

Nylon strainer with a guard stronger than conventional materials will not corrode.

  • Compatible with all fluids.
  • Filtration up to 5 microns available (Standard supply : 40 microns).
  • It may be cleaned many times to provide efficient filtering action.
  • Powder Coated cap with safety chain. The safety chain retains the cap, so it will not be misplaced or lost. Yet it is designed to allow removal of the cap when desired for cleaning of filter element.
  • Slotted holes in strainer allow for easier alignment during installation.
  • All parts included in one package - ready to install.

Single hole reservoir installation range.